Per Mossberg becomes Senior Advisor at Diplomat

Per Mossberg joins Diplomat Group as Senior Advisor. With a long experience in leading strategic communication work for some of the country’s largest companies, Per Mossberg is one of Sweden’s most experienced communications directors.

He is the chairman of the Swedish Communications Officers’ Association and comes last from the position as Communications Director of PostNord.

Diplomat Group brings together superior advisors in different industries and communication disciplines in the border between community and business issues. The agency is continuously attempting to link up key competencies and experience that can help generate even greater value for clients.

– Per Mossberg is one of Sweden’s most experienced communications directors with over 35 years in significant positions. With a background in various industry sectors, from listed companies as well as state-owned companies and associations, as communications consultants and politicians, he has a broad and profound experience of complex communication activities, says Oscar Hyléen, Group CEO & Partner at Diplomat Group.

Per Mossberg comes closest from the role as Communications Director at PostNord and before that the Swedish Posten. He has previously been Communications Director at Telia, Trygg-Hansa SPP, Nobel Industrier and Bofors. He has also been the President of the EU-Fact for Industry and Commerce and for the Business Economics Facts, and Partner at the PR agency JKL. Per Mossberg also has a political background with work in government chancellor, and with political assignments in municipalities and county councils. He has also been the chairman of the Moderates of Örebro County.

– I know and have worked in various contexts with the founders and management of Diplomat Group and have gained a great deal of confidence in their skills, creativity and ability to deliver. Diplomat Group has worked very consciously to develop a strong customer offering within the communications area and has an impressive client list. I feel a strong enthusiasm and look forward to working with the many knowledgeable advisors there and further developing the value for Diplomat’s clients, says Per Mossberg.

– Per takes on the role as Senior Advisor on September 3rd 2018, and becomes another strong force in our offer primarily in corporate and social communication, benefiting our clients. He will give advises in customer assignments for large and well-known businesses, for new technology companies and for smaller businesses, says Oscar Hyléen.

For further information, please contact:
Oscar Hyléen, CEO & Partner Diplomat Group
tel: +46 709 23 59 25,
Per Mossberg, Senior Advisor
tel: +46 705 17 64 00

Diplomat group acquires Strateg

Diplomat Group acquires the communications agency, Strateg. The deal creates a leading player within communications consulting in Sweden with a strong combination of strategic corporate and marketing communication with a digital implementation. With about 50 employees and a base in Örebro, Strateg Marknadsföring is the largest communications agency in central Sweden and one of the largest digital marketing communications agencies in the country. The business, which has a close collaboration with Örebro University, consists of four teams of creatives, project managers, UX competencies and developers. Following the transaction, Diplomat Group has approximately 110 employees and advisors in various capacities. The business gets proforma revenue of approximately SEK 140 million and an agency income of approximately SEK 100 million.

– In recent years, Diplomat Group has developed one of the market’s most attractive offers in corporate communication with digital implementation. With the acquisition of Strateg, we further strengthen our offer within digital strategy and development for our customers, as well as market communication, thus taking the positions as one of the leading communications advisors in the country, says Oscar Hyléen, CEO of Diplomat Group.

– As part of Diplomat Group, we have unique opportunities to join and form a stronger offer within communications consulting. Together, we gain a broader scope and deeper skills to meet customers’ growing need for strategic and operational consulting in corporate and market communications. I am looking forward to becoming a member of Diplomat Group and participating in the work to further develop the already strong position, says Fredrik Vannestål, CEO of Strateg. In addition to Strateg, Diplomat Group consists of Diplomat Communications, a leading advisor in public affairs, corporate communications and financial communications, the trademark agency YouMe Agency, Repeat Studio, which develops digital strategies and digital customer experiences as well as the newly launched content marketing agency Tale.

Strong growth for Diplomat Group

2017 was a strong year of growth for Diplomat Group. Diplomat Group, which consists of Diplomat Communications, YouMe Agency, Repeat Studio and Tale, continued to develop strongly in 2017. Net sales increased by 22 percent to SEK 90 million in 2017. Since the start in 2003, Diplomat Group has developed into one of Sweden’s leading companies in strategic communication advice.

Total agency income excluding intra-group eliminations increased by 15 percent to SEK 64 million in 2017. Diplomat Group employs 65 people in different capacities. Diplomat Group today consists of the communications agency Diplomat Communications AB, the trademark agency YouMe Agency AB and the digital strategy agency Repeat Studio AB, which started in 2016. In 2017, the content marketing agency Tale Content Creators AB was started. The agency, with the CEO Johan Bratt, specialises in content-driven communication through internal channels. The activities of Diplomat Group currently offer services in mainly six areas; public affairs, corporate communications, financial communications, brand development and market communication, digital transformation and digital strategies, as well as content marketing & management.

– Diplomat Group has developed one of the market’s most attractive offers within corporate communication with a digital implementation. We are in a clear growth phase and have continued to gain market share in 2017. We constantly want to develop our services and our ability to meet our customers’ needs for communication advice. Therefore, we started the digital strategy agency Repeat, which developed strongly in 2017, as well as the Tale agency within content-driven communication in internal channels, says Oscar Hyléen, Group CEO & Partner.